Category: Mindfulness

The Positive Ageing Toolbox

Image by Kate Cox from Pixabay “Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stageof opportunity and strength”. Betty Friedan – Author and Activist I have just become a sexagenarian. The word sounds pretty cool, possibly exciting however what it really means is that more than two-thirds of my life is over, and I am in the final act.…
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Caregiving – Is your Cup Empty?

Image by Eko Anug from Pixabay “My caregiver mantra is to remember: the only control you have is over the changes you choose to make.” Nancy L. Kriseman – Social Worker & Author Over the past two years, in my role as a carer coach, I have coached over 100 individuals and one of the things I have…
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How to Calm the Monkeys in Your Mind

Image by _mequable from Pixabay “The fruit of mindfulness practice is the realisation that peace and joyare available within us and around us, right here and right now.” Thich Nhat Hanh – Buddhist Monk & Peace Activist Have you ever stood at the zoo watching the monkey enclosure, the monkeys can be sitting quietly, then suddenly they leap…
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